Option 1: One finger in a standard, but nevertheless lovely, home-cooked apple pie. Familiar, warm and you know what you’re getting. Option 2: One finger in the apple pie, another in the dreamy soft-piped caramel tart and hang on, what about that magnificent blueberry swirl cheesecake over there? Spoilt for […]

Getting to know you: Well-being You’ll remember the viral story of Palo Alto CEO, Ben Congleton who praised his employee Madalyn Parker for first, taking a sick day to focus on her mental health and second, being vocal about it. In his eyes: “We’re paid to bring our brains to […]

Getting To Know You – Charity Work For some, time is more valuable than money and we found that several of our Juggle Jobs candidates are motivated by giving back to the community and want to take the extra time for ‘passion projects’. And that’s great for them. But why […]

Getting to know you – Hobbies and lifestyle For Mark Zuckerberg, employing staff with extra-curricular hobbies is crucial because: “Often that’s one of the best ways people can show passion and leadership.” And for professionals, the mere existence a hobby can put them at an advantage in the job market. Although it […]

It’s no secret that demand for flexible roles has risen, but with record numbers of people choosing to have children later or not at all, it would be wrong to assume that having a family is the sole reason for such an increase. As a platform that connects professionals with […]

An integrated worked is a happy worker. Look at any successful company and more often than not you’ll find a workplace culture that showcases the following seven characteristics: Purpose-driven; Effective communication patterns; Feedback culture; Embraces diversity; Collaborative; Employee engagement and loyalty; and Growth and development. But, as the business world […]

Once upon a time, flexible working was either the reserve of the privileged few who wanted a jet-set lifestyle and could work intensely for parts of the year before taking the rest off to travel. Or, the reserve of the under-privileged: women with a disproportionate share of childcare responsibilities would […]

It is becoming widely accepted that flexible working is for the many, not just for those juggling family responsibilities. Our customer research has shown that some roles are particularly well suited for hiring flexible workers. From this research and our placement records, we have listed the best 7 business roles […]

Flexible workers perform many functions: meeting increased demand for services during periods of fluctuation, filling gaps throughout recruitment drives or taking on permanent roles that allow for more fluid structures. Through the course of hiring and managing them, three key points have been highlighted which can, and should be, applied […]

‘Deeds not words’ — three small terms with a huge impact. The motto, first adopted by Emmeline Pankhurst in 1903 as the slogan of the new Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), signified a departure from the norm. After 50 years of peaceful campaigning and exasperated by a lack of progress regarding […]